MTG Germany

Münster, Düsseldorf and Moscow: We are here for you


We want to be the best service agency in the Baltic and the CIS countries - and to be considered the best by clients, suppliers and employees.


Through the work of MTG employees, we promise to improve the business of our partners a little more every day, to do more than just fulfil expectations - but to exceed these every day and constantly forge new paths.


In a not so easy industry and specific market environment, the work of MTG Germany is the proof of how one has successfully survived several crises for more than 25 years. From the very beginning, MTG Germany has strived to offer industry solutions and focus on the customer.


MTG Germany is proof of how, with a combination of curiosity, enterprise, innovation and pioneering spirit, a 25-years young company can continue to be successful in a complex industry and highly specific market environment. From the very beginning, MTG Germany has striven to provide industry solutions and to focus on the client.

To this day, MTG Germany continues to make a binding promise to make your success our mission.

Since 1993, our employees can be found wherever our products are successfully positioned and sold.

In more than 25 years we have successfully survived two major crises and established 40 fashion brands in the CIS countries and the Baltic States.

MTG Germany now employs more than 20 people in its head office in Münster and in the Moscow showroom, including an extensive, strong network of long-term freelancers.

Our comprehensive, extensive specialist knowledge includes advanced expertise and practice-oriented responses to all our partners' demands on the supplier - and client - side.

Today, MTG Germany is the market leader and is structured so that you can quickly make use of the services you require - anywhere in our markets.

The change from a classic trading agency to an omni-channel agency has firmly proven itself with suppliers and customers.

Primed and full of energy, we look optimistically to the future to grow healthily and sustainably with our employees, suppliers and clients.