Claudia Sträter

In view of the great success in the BENELUX countries, the striking brand Claudia Sträter continues to grow and wins new fans. Since its founding in 1970, the brand has developed its own collections from the retailer to the manufacturer / retailer with its own shop concept. All Claudia Sträter branches are structured, clear and spacious. The clothing of the brand is characterized by timeless, stylish and a somewhat business-heavy handwriting. The models are versatile, easy to combine and allow for individual interpretations. Claudia Sträter women are self-determined, dynamic and lead an active private and professional life. The quality and functionality of the collection are therefore a priority and are self-evident for customers of Claudia Sträter.

CLAUDIA STRÄTER – prefers unimagined stylistic twists with classical ingredients of fashion.

CLAUDIA STRÄTER - an attractive and easy to understand LIFESTYLE combi- collection, with the inimitable Dutch chic.

CLAUDIA STRÄTER – reflects all current trends and retains its own individuality.

The customer of CLAUDIA STRÄTER – is fashion-conscious, feminine, elegant, self-confident, leads an active life and earns above-average.

CLAUDIA STRÄTER – presents 2 main collections per year (8 color themes), which ensures continuity in deliveries and a steady updating of collections on the floor.

In the Outerwear line Maura by Claudia Sträter are among others leather jackets, down jackets, coats, fur coats to be found.

An individual shop concept gives the brand a decent frame.

Brand specification: fashionable, feminine-elegant combi-collection.
Collection themes: 2 collections per year, NOS, outerwear Maura by Claudia Sträter.
Style direction: feminine and elegant style, suitable to business.
Price segment: middle plus, 45-55 €
Sizes: 34-46