The brand FUCHS SCHMITT is a market leader in the field of outdoor wear and the largest producer of women's outdoor jackets in Europe.

The range of the brand includes down jackets with finishes on hoods or collars made of natural or faux fur, draped jackets and coats, jackets with thermo floss / eco-down filler, jackets and coats made of imitation fur, parkas, ponchos, wind stoppers, summer raincoats, vests, functional line Gore-Tex and Laminat.

All models are available in wide size range 34-46, perfectly fitting all shapes and age groups. In addition, the brand offers approximately 10 models of the "Comfort" line encompassing large sizes of 42-54.

The FUCHS SCHMITT collection has always been distinguished by the excellent quality, the use of the best materials and first-class fit of the products. In addition, the brand impresses with its outstanding value for money.