Women's and men's knitwear in the Modern Classic segment.

MAERZ Muenchen knitwear not only looks good, but also stands out due to its high quality that many others can only dream of.

MAERZ Muenchen knitwear has the best wearing properties, durability and a perfect fit. The company uses only high-quality raw materials in production, which are regularly checked for their environmental friendliness. The selected types of merino wool, high-quality cotton and silk fulfil the highest requirements.

MAERZ Muenchen calculates the measurements for each size separately, down to the individual mesh. Double knitting yarn creates a uniform fabric structure. This technology gives the MAERZ pullover a stable shape, is more durable and is hardly prone to pilling. These products features are achieved through strict computer calculations and pre-dyed yarns. Until today MAERZ pullover is created with a lot of needlework.

MAERZ Muenchen – Finest Knitwear since 1920.