The successful strategy of the brand reflects the needs of its target group – middle-aged women who are active and self-sufficient. They appreciate quality, comfort, they want to stay attractive, elegant, fashionable and young.

An OLSEN woman knows the value for money. She appreciates the style of fashionable classics and high-quality design offered to her by the brand. She likes the freshness and variety of colors and prints.

OLSEN is not a classic combi-collection. The strength of the brand is jersey and everything associated with it. The collection also offers other finished fashion products: jeans, trousers, dresses, skirts and accessories. OLSEN creates an excellent outdoor-collection.

OLSEN represents 12 collections per year, which enables monthly deliveries of fresh fashionable products to the store. The company has a very convenient ordering system. There is no need to place orders monthly. A customer can order two OLSEN collections at a time.