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Regional management

From the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean:
We know our clients

The CIS nations and the Baltics are spread over an area of 9,000 kilometres and 12 time zones from East to West.

This huge region is home to a wide variety of different markets and target groups. In order to provide optimal advice for each business, we have divided the overall market into 16 geographical regions, each of which is managed by its very own team.

The duties and services of our regional managers are:

  • analysis of market developments and the fashion market
  • optimised brand placement in the cities
  • coordination of customer financing
  • planning and introduction of new shop concepts
  • Regular customer visits and on-site customer advice

We offer you our expertise, our market competence and the experience you need to seize the potential of the CIS nations and the Baltics.

Smooth communication and straightforward logistics are the most important prerequisites for the success of our suppliers and our retail partners in the CIS and Baltic regions.